The world's most popular tourist destination revealed!

This country knows all about joie de vivre


The world's most popular tourist destination revealed!

France is still sitting pretty as the world's most popular tourist destination.

The UN's World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO) said on Wednesday 2 August that it has been the most-visited country in 2016, despite concerns over terror attacks.

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France welcomed 82.6 million visitors in 2016, which did see a drop of two per cent on the previous year's figures but was still enough for the country to stay on top.

The United States came in as second most popular, followed closely by Spain. The US saw 75.61 million visitors, a drop of three per cent, while Spain was snapping at its heels with 75.56 million, an increase of 10 per cent.

With just under 60 million visitors, China came in at fourth place, and Italy stayed at fifth place.

The country that made the most from tourism in 2016, however? The United States, which took in £130 billion, followed by Spain, which took £45 billion.

It's no surprise France reigns supreme as the world's top tourist destination. One of the most stunning, culturally rich and well-known countries of the world, France offers something for everyone any time of year. Whether you fancy a city break in Paris or Marseille, a ski holiday in the French Alps, a relaxing rural escape in Bordeaux or Brittany, or soaking up the sun in the glamour of the Riviera, the country is diverse enough to give you any type of holiday you wish.

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