Mating turtles leave tourists stranded for days

Planes are not allowed to fly over the beach


Imagine going on vacation and being three days late back to work and having to tell your boss that turtles were the reason.

That's exactly what happened to some tourists in Greece.

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Tourists on the island of Zante, Greece, boarded discount airliner EasyJet to head to London's Gatwick airport.

Unfortunately, when they boarded the aircraft on Sunday, a wing flap was broken.

They all deplaned and waited for the problem to be fixed.

On Monday, the plane was still broken, and a replacement plane was going to be sent to transport the passengers, but that plan was foiled because of an island night curfew protecting mating loggerhead turtles is in place.

Airplanes are not allowed to fly over the beach.

Since Zante is an island this is unavoidable. This left passengers stranded for three days.

The airline did pay for their hotel and expenses, but that's small consolation for three days of frustration.

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