These people falling down escalators prove how dangerous they can be

National Rail released the footage to encourage people to use the lifts


Credits: @networkrail/Twitter

Ever tried to navigate yourself up a moving escalator while carrying a heavy bag of luggage?

There's no denying it's a huge struggle.

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Now Network Rail has released toe-curling CCTV footage of passengers falling down escalators - to try and encourage people into using their lifts.

In one clip, a woman carrying a huge suitcase loses her footing and falls over seconds after getting on the escalator.

She ends up trapped on the stairs as they continue to move to the top.

Another shows a woman getting on and resting her big case on the rail, before falling face first and left clinging onto the rail while sitting on a moving step.

A third clip shows a woman tumble backwards with her case while another shows a man getting on with three bags - before they all crash to the bottom.

Credits: @networkrail/Twitter

This holidaymaker's tumble looks pretty painful

Credits: @networkrail/Twitter

She was left wedged between the steps

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The footage was taken at Leeds Station where Network Rail says it has seen a 25 per cent rise in the number of escalator incidents.

They are now urging passengers - including those with mobility issues - to use the lifts rather than risk travelling on escalators.

Vinny Burke, Leeds Station manager for Network Rail, said: "We know that lots of people will be using Leeds Station to start their holiday and we want everyone who passes through our station to get off to a good start.

Credits: @networkrail/Twitter

The woman flies off the escalator after losing her balance when she was holding onto her luggage

Credits: @networkrail/Twitter

One man ambitiously got on the escalator with three bags - but two didn't make it to the top

"Time and time again, we see passengers taking multiple items of luggage on the escalators rather than using the lifts which are provided.

"The lifts are there to keep you safe and stop you having an accident, as seen on the CCTV.

Credits: @networkrail/Twitter

One woman was seen tumbling down the escalator with her heavy luggage

Credits: @networkrail/Twitter

The woman was left clinging to the rail after the accident

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"Some of the falls are incredibly nasty and all of them are completely preventable."

Last year there were 28 incidents of passengers being hurt while struggling with bags and 12 of those required medical treatment.

Mr Burke added: "We hate to see members of the public injured and we have had cases where people have had to cancel their journeys due to the injuries they have received.

"We are urging passengers to allow extra time for their journey and to use the lifts provided."

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