Huge crocodile takes on shark in food fight

But which one won the tussle?


Credits: Viral Hog

Who would win in a fight - a hungry shark or a sharp-toothed crocodile?

It's a situation most of us hope we'll never be faced with and enough to give us all goosebumps.

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So if the thought of bloodthirsty creatures lurking beneath the water fills you with dread, you might want to look away now...

Two friends were fishing in Perth when they encountered the ultimate showdown.

Chris Kennedy and Jadranko Silic were just off the coast of Kimberley when they decide to toss the fish scraps overboard.

Credits: Viral Hog

As a fish is thrown into a water, a hungry shark swims up below the crocodile for a bite

Credits: Viral Hog

The bloodthirsty creatures were faced with a fierce marine battle

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Several sharks begin to circle, heartily guzzling the tasty treats - until they are faced with a fierce marine battle.

A huge saltwater croc appears and approaches the frenzy of sharks - but it clearly has a sophisticated taste in food as it isn't interested in scraps.

The very hungry crocodile waited patiently, until the fishermen threw another fish into the water.

But a shark swam up to grab its dinner - but the ferocious croc wasn't having any of it.

It went for its head and launched an attack before dragging it away to the nearby mangroves.

Credits: Viral Hog

Two friends were fishing in Perth when they encountered the ultimate showdown

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"I've seen sharks and crocs in the wild, but I've never seen a croc catch a shark before," Mr Kennedy told The West Australian.

"Everyone was pretty amazed. It's not something you see every day."

So there you have it. A crocodile would win in a fight against a shark.

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