Naked passenger delays Spirit Airlines flight from Las Vegas

Man stripped off while boarding plane


Naked passenger delays Spirit Airlines flight from Las Vegas

A Spirit Airlines flight getting ready for takeoff in Las Vegas was delayed after a male passenger stripped naked and approached a flight attendant while boarding.

The incident occurred on Saturday as the plane was readying for takeoff to Oakland, California, reports the Daily Mail.

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A spokesman for the McCarran International Airport told Fox News what happened, explaining: "He removed his clothes and then approached a flight attendant. Metro officers were called and he was given medical attention."

The passenger was taken for observation and received medical treatment after the episode.

The flight was delayed for around half an hour following the incident.

Back in March, a naked man was tackled to the ground after breaching security at Sydney Airport.

The man was caught on camera streaking through a scanner, having earlier been filmed running nude alongside cars on the ramp at the airport into the Qantas domestic terminal.

He was later arrested by Australian Federal Police.

Back in 2012, a woman who said she was suffering with a 'lack of sleep' stripped off naked at the security checkpoint at Denver International Airport.

The unnamed woman stood in her birthday suit at the check-in desk for around 20 minutes, where she asked for her boarding pass to be re-printed.

She was then taken to hospital for evaluation after saying she'd had no sleep the night before, but was not arrested or charged.

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