Man peeing on the roadside gets shock of his life

Perhaps not the most sensible place to start urinating?


A man has been left wishing he had never gone for a pee at the roadside.

With the rain pouring down, the lad – wearing t-shirt and shorts – sprints across the pavement to go for a cheeky loo break next to passing traffic .

Fines for peeing in the street in Vietnam rose to 299 VND (£101) in February.

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However there is reportedly a widespread shortage of public loos in the country.

Midway through, as the man relieves himself, a lorry races past just yards causing an epic splash back onto him.

Credits: Liveleak

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The man, whose name is unknown, leaps backwards in shock before retreating under cover away from the rain – and any other passing traffic.

The footage, filmed on Tuesday in Ho Chi Min City in Vietnam, has certainly created waves online.

One viewer wrote: ""Karma... no, Truckma is a b****".

Credits: Liveleak

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Another joked: "Looks like he was p*****."

The hilarious footage in Vietnam comes after Kelly Martin was convicted of outraging public decency when she peed on a war memorial in Grays, Essex.

She stunned mortified members of the public, who watched in horror as the woman pulled down her knickers and squatted on the memorial.

Passengers behaving badly

Passengers behaving badly

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