Ex-Eastenders star smiling again after falling from Thai waterfall

Paul Nicholls smashed his knee cap and suffered injured ribs in the fall


Ex-Eastenders star smiling after falling from Thai waterfall

Crocked Eastenders star Paul Nicholls gives the thumbs up from his hospital bed today as staff bring him a get well soon hamper.

The actor, 38, plunged down a treacherous waterfall while clambering across wet rocks on Thailand holiday island Koh Samui on July 10.

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He was rescued three days later having survived by drinking stream water, battling soaring heat and avoiding deadly wildlife.

But the troubled star had smashed his knee cap and suffered injured ribs in the fall at the remote Khun Si waterfall.

'I'm lucky to be alive': How Paul Nicholls survived for THREE days after falling into a waterfall while taking a selfie

Credits: Viral Press

Paul Nicholls grins after being saved from a deathly situation

Paul has since been recovering at the government-run Koh Samui hospital while authorities wrangle over the bill.

Local authority boss Sitthip Poosongsook, President of the Association of Samui, visited him today to show he was being well cared for - and presented the actor with a hamper of medical goods including vitamin supplements.

He said: "Paul thanked the people of Thailand, the three patrol officers of the police station and the rescue association of Koh Samui.

Ex-EastEnders star Paul Nicholls hospitalised after being trapped for THREE days with smashed leg in Thai jungle

Credits: Viral Press

He survived the ordeal by drinking stream water while trapped in the rock pool

"He thanked the rescuers who found him at the waterfall and brought him up through the mountains. If the authorities did not reach him he would surely have died.

"Paul has been impressed with the police and he will leave the hospital soon and go to England."

The actor's medical costs at a private facility were initially reported to have been £13,000 a night and £90,000 for an operation.

But medics said the actual figure was 13,000 Thai baht (£300) per night and 90,000 Thai baht (£2,063) for the operation to the knee.

Tourist's miracle escape after falling 260ft down Thailand waterfall near where EastEnders star almost died

Credits: Viral Press

Paul poses with his VIP visitors and their gift hamper

The costs of the early medical care at the Thai International Samui Hospital before he was transferred, were around 46,000 baht. Medics were reported to have seized Paul's passport until the bill was paid.

Medical director Dulyakit Wittayajanyapong said Paul's kneecap was broken and "about to rot" after being submerged in the water for two and a half days.

"We then informed him that the estimated cost of an operation would be around 500,000 baht," he added.

After being told of the cost, the hospital boss said Paul requested to be transferred to a state run facility where costs would be lower.

Local authority boss Sitthip Poosongsook visited him today but did not reveal how much Paul would be paying at the state run hospital.

Sitthip added: "Paul is happy with the treatment he has received and will return again to the island in the future."

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