Bulgaria three times cheaper than Majorca for food and drink

A meal and drinks for four in Sunny Beach, Bulgaria will cost you around £28.77


A holiday on the island of Majorca will cost you three times more for food and drink than in Bulgaria.

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A price barometer reveals savvy holidaymakers can help their pounds stretch further at the bargain Black Sea resort of Sunny Beach, where a meal and drinks for four is around £28.77 – compared with £89.91 in Corfu.

According to the Post Office Travel Money report, hotspots like Majorca and Italy will also burn a hole in pockets for everyday food and drink such as a cup of coffee, soft drinks and snacks.

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Majorca is more expensive for family holidays

A family of four heading to Palma Nova, Majorca can expect to splash out £100.70 for drinks, dinner with wine and lunch compared with a total of £35.73 at Sunny Beach.

And they will pay four and a half times more at the picturesque Italian resort of Sorrento where the bill for a day of eating out is a budget busting £163.20.

The shocking gap in value for money is highlighted in a cost of holiday living comparison across 15 destinations popular with Brits which found overall Sunny Beach the cheapest while Sorrento was the dearest.

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Sunny Beach on the Black Sea

It revealed lunch for a family of four cost a rock bottom £3.36 in Bulgaria, £8.98 in the Algarve, Portugal and £11.70 on the Costa del Sol rising to £14.20 in Majorca, £15.20 in Cyprus, £16.20 in Corfu and a hefty £21.58 in Italy.

Portugal had the cheapest cup of coffee at 63p compared with £3.25 in Limassol, Cyprus while a bottle of beer was just 72p in Bulgaria but cost £3.15 in Corfu.

Andrew Brown of Post Office Travel Money said: "The best advice to families heading overseas is to do their homework on prices and set a realistic budget for the resort they are visiting.

"Buy currency before leaving home to avoid poor airport bureau rates and take enough to avoid incurring hefty charges for using credit and debit cards abroad."

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Cost of holiday living

Cup of coffee, bottle of beer, glass of wine, can of Coke, three course meal for a family of four with a bottle of house wine and soft drinks, snack lunch of a family of four

Sunny Beach, Bulgaria - £35.73

Costa del Sol, Spain - £58.15

Algarve Portugal - £61.62

Costa Blanca, Spain- £78.41

Sliema, Malta - £79.40

Porec, Croatia - £80.55

Crete, Greece - £81.39

Limassol, Cyprus - £82.06

Marmaris, Turkey - £83.71

Paphos, Cyprus - £88.35

Palma Nova. Majorca - £100.70

Corfu, Greece - £116.91

Nice, France - £138.13

Ibiza - £144.86

Sorrento, Italy - £163.20

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