Why you shouldn't eat on planes

You may be better off waiting until you land to buy a snack


A travel expert has spoken out against eating during a flight to prevent against digestive issues and fatigue.

Melissa Biggs Bradley, a frequent traveller and founder of a luxury travel club, told Bloomberg Pursuits: "I eat nothing on flights, it's a stewardess secret.

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"Basically, at super high altitude, your digestive system shuts down completely.

She went on to explain that when you then get off the plane everything restarts. Your digestive system then ends up having a lot more work to do which makes you more tired.

It's a known fact that food tastes different while in the air thanks to pressure on your nasal passages, which is why plane food often tastes odd.

If you do get peckish on the plane then it's recommended you eat high protein foods like nuts and cheese.

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