How to get sand off your skin quickly on the beach

This painless simple trick can save that discomfort on the beach


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Taking the kids home from the beach at the end of a long day can be a struggle.

You've finally persuaded them to leave, packed up the car with all the junk you've acquired and then you realise your little ones are absolutely covered in wet sand.

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Obviously you don't want to get it all over the place, so you try to dust it off.

Cue cries of: "Owww, Mummy!" or "Stop, Dad!" Nope, that stuff isn't budging...


One Mumsnet thread circulating on social media has possibly the most amazing solution of all time.

And the good news is it works on everyone, so if you haven't got kids then it will save your legs and feet from scratchy sand, too.

Take some talcum powder with you.

No, trust us, it really works. We found a video to prove it.

How does it help? All you have to do is shake a bit of talc on the area and it will soak up the moisture, drying the sand, meaning all you need to do is give it a tap and it will fall off.

It seems some parents are already aware of the trick, which has divided the nation into two teams.

Half of people are saying "duh, I've been doing that my whole life" and the other half are admitting: "I never knew about this, this is amazing!"

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