More than 200 sheep found dead after being chased by bear

The animals were found at the bottom of a cliff



Hundreds of sheep have died in the Pyrenees after they were chased over a cliff by a bear last Sunday.

The 209 sheep belonged to a farmer in the Couflens area on the French side of the mountain range.

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According to the Daily Telegraph, an investigation concluded that the sheep had been running from a bear.

The farmer will be compensated for the dead animals but a bitter debate has been reignited about the rising population of bears.

In 2016, the population in the Central Pyrenees reached a record 39, including ten new cubs.

Association Pays de l'Ours - Adet president Alain Reynes, said: "It proves what we've always said: the Pyrenees is a good habitat for bears, the reintroduced bears are well adapted to life there, and that it is possible for sheep farmers and bears to live alongside each other."

But The Connexion reports that farmers are not convinced as attacks on their animals can result in losing up to ten per cent of their herd.

Birth rates are also believed to be affected, which were estimated to be down by 25 per cent.

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