Passenger arrested for 'trying to open door' on Wizz Air flight

Man held at Luton Airport when flight from Poland landed


Airplane in Ferihegy airport

A man was tackled by fellow passengers and arrested after allegedly trying to open an emergency exit on a low-cost Wizz Air flight from Poland to London.

The traveller was held on arrival at London Luton on Saturday night.

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A witness told the BBC that passengers "wrestled him to the floor" to prevent him from opening the plane door.

The incident happened around 30 minutes before landing when the man changed seats to sit at the emergency exit next to a woman.

Passenger David Salon told the BBC: "Suddenly he lunged across her and tried to open the door."

Quick-thinking passengers wrestled the man and sat on him while cabin crew restrained his hands using seatbelts.

A spokesman for Bedfordshire Police told the Daily Telegraph: "Officers attended London Luton Airport shortly before 11pm on Saturday to reports of a disruptive passenger who had been restrained by crew on a flight in from Poland.

"One man was arrested on suspicion of endangering an aircraft. He was initially taken to hospital for treatment to minor injuries and is currently in custody."

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