Dashcam footage captures moment plane lands on road

Light aircraft made emergency landing on a highway in Long Island


Dashcam footage captures moment plane lands on road

A motorist caught on camera the moment a plane had a near miss with traffic during an emergency landing on a highway in Long Island, US.

Dashcam footage showed the aircraft heading towards Sunrise Highway in Yaphank before making a landing between traffic that miraculously didn't hit anyone.

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The incident occurred at around 1pm local time on Thursday.

Motorist Tom Lupski caught the whole thing on his dashcam camera.

He can be heard saying: "What the f*ck is going on right now?", adding: "Holy ****. Holy ****. That's unbelievable", as the plane landed on the road right in front of him.

The plane then manages to manoeuvre across the other lane and comes to a stop on the grass next to the road.

The pilot was the only person on board and there were no injuries reported.

According to the Metro, Suffolk County Police Chief Stuart Cameron said: "From what we understand he came in over the street sign that stretches across the westbound Sunrise Highway and was able to land in between that and the overpass.

"And he came in under the overpass. He kind of threaded the needle there, and it looks like he did a pretty nice job under the circumstances. He didn't hit any cars, and no one got hurt."

According to the Washington Post, pilot Jim O'Donnell told WABC: "It wasn't good, but here I am. No bent metal."

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