Rescue workers and beachgoers save stranded dolphin

Port Talbot coastguard confirmed the animal survived and made it out into deep waters


People passing through a UK beach early this week came to the aid of a stranded dolphin.

While rescue workers were en route the group of helpers used towels and buckets of water to keep the animal hydrated.

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The Port Talbot coastguard was the first to arrive and joined in on the effort by using it's truck to fetch water from the sea.

When the RSPCA and Marine Life Rescue arrived the good samaritans helped with the not-so-simple task of getting the dolphin onto the stretcher.

The animal was carried back into the water and the RSPCA watched to make sure it made it back into the deep water.

In a Facebook post the coastguard team wrote: "The team were very grateful for the help of early dog walkers and local residents who brought towels and buckets."

They added: "Thankfully the dolphin made it to deep waters and survived, a feat that is very uncommon.

"The team would like to thank all those involved, but especially the members of the public! The fantastic teamwork ensured a good end to the unlucky dolphin's situation."

Britain's amazing sea life

Britain's amazing sea life