Train drags stuck SUV along railway track with people trapped inside

Terrifying moment car dragged car along for 100 yards


Train drags stuck SUV along railway track with people trapped inside

A policeman caught the moment a train dragged a trapped car along - with two people still inside it.

The terrifying incident happened on Friday morning in La Marque, Texas, when a Dodge Durango SUV hit a stopped Union Pacific freight train, According to CNN.

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It's thought the driver ignored the warning lights and went under crossing barricades before hitting the stopped train.

The train driver apparently did not realise the car was stuck underneath and dragged the vehicle over 100 yards.

The video begins when the car is stationary. The officers are reassuring the pair that help is on the way.

But then the car moves forward and one of the officers says: "What the ****...Get them to stop! Stop the train!"

"They're dragging the car with people inside."

The officer ran alongside the car still trying to reassure the victims, saying: "Hold tight man. We're getting them to stop. We're getting them to stop."

A fire truck managed to alert the train conductor to stop. The driver of the car is thought to be in a serious condition while the passenger suffered minor injuries, reports CBS News.

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