Revealed! Britain's most expensive airport parking

It's not Heathrow or Gatwick



Luton Airport has the most expensive parking according to a new investigation.

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The Bedfordshire airport's parking costs three times more than the cheapest, Exeter Airport.

Research by Admiral Insurance found that parking at Luton costs passengers £191 for two weeks, compared to just £65 at Exeter.

The comparison of 30 UK airports found that London City was the second most expensive at £181, followed by Gatwick, which charges £175.

Meanwhile, the most extortionate drop-off short-stay charges were found at Luton, Doncaster and Stansted, where just 15 minutes in the car park costs £8.50.

Admiral spokesman Alistair Hargreaves said: "We all know that an overseas holiday in the summer time can be costly, but our investigation has revealed that holidaymakers can end up feeling short-changed before they've even boarded the plane.

"This study demonstrates that airport parking prices are a postcode lottery with extortionate price discrepancies for the same 2.4 metre-wide car parking space, depending on where you are flying from.

"By planning ahead and researching other car parking options, such as those off-site and factoring these prices into the total cost of the holiday before booking anything, consumers can make sure there are no surprises."

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