Hotels will stop using keycards soon

You'll be able to unlock doors at Hilton hotels using an app on your phone


"Do I have the key?"

It's a question we ask ourselves on the daily when leaving our house, car or hotel room.

Hotels are the worst because those cards might as well have legs.

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But hotel giant Hilton will soon end all your key woes thanks to its phone app that unlocks your room as you approach it.

You just need to enable the app at check in and say hello to keyless entry.

The feature is already available to diamond members but Metro UK reports it's now being rolled out to everyone.

But if you thought phone unlocking was cool - NBC news reports that in the next 10 years we'll ditch the whole concept of keys, instead opting for biometric security like retina scanning and fingerprints.

Your eyes fingerprints and other DNA aren't going anywhere.

NBC news also suggest parking meters will go extinct and that soon our cars will automatically connect to our credit cards and things around us.

Which is good given NBC also predicts physical coins will be a thing of the past.

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