13 amazing Europe safari holidays

Incredible wildlife adventures right here on your doorstep


12 amazing Europe safari holidays

You don't have to jet off on a long-haul getaway to experience an awe-inspiring wildlife adventure.

Europe is home to a surprisingly diverse and exciting array of animals, meaning there's plenty of thrilling European safari holidays for animal-lovers and wildlife enthusiasts.

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For the real adventurer, an Arctic wilderness trip offers incredible opportunities to see some of the most majestic animals in their natural habitat. On the island of Spitsbergen, you can spot polar bears, walruses, narwhal and beluga whales, and Arctic foxes.

Over in Norway and Iceland, an abundance of stunning wildlife makes for fabulous photography opportunities, from orcas, humpback and killer whales, to puffins, eagles, elk and dolphins. And, of course, there's also the possibility of seeing the sky awash with the Northern Lights.

Track the mysterious grey wolf in Sweden, or spend the night in your own lodge hide while getting up close to brown bears and wolverines in Finland.

Amazing Europe safaris

Thought you had to head to South America to see a flamingo? Think again! They can be viewed in their thousands in the wetlands of the Camargue region in southern France, along with the area's beautiful white wild horses.

And did you know that you can actually see a magical blue whale in Europe? At up to 98ft in length, it is the largest animal known to have ever existed. And you can take a four-hour trip to the Azores, an island in the North Atlantic, and possibly see these majestic creatures on their annual migratory journey. The Azores is known as something of a whale sanctuary, with 25 different species passing through the islands.

If you're looking for a bit of heat with your wildlife-watching trip, fly into Montenegro and track the elusive and rare Balkan lynx.

Closer to home, the Scottish Highlands offers a wealth of wildlife experiences, boasting puffins, whales, seals, dolphins, and even the golden eagle amongst its dramatic landscape.

See our round-up of the best Europe safari holidays below.

European safari holidays

European safari holidays