Bendy bus rips in half as passengers scramble for the doors

The buses used to be popular in London before being decommissioned


Credits: Twitter

Terrified passengers watched in horror as a bendy bus split in two during what was supposed to be a normal journey.

A commuter filmed inside the bus after hearing a strange screeching noise from what they presumed was the brakes.

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One woman on board, standing close to the middle join of the bus, can be seen looking down at the moving section.

The all of a sudden the front tears away from the back of the bus leaving people getting out of their seats and heading for the doors.

Bendy bus rips in half

The dramatic footage was filmed in the city of Palhoca in Brazil and later uploaded to Twitter.

Bendy buses - or articulated bus to give them their real name - were once popular in London, but were decommissioned by then mayor Boris Johnson in 2011.

Credits: Getty Images

The London bendy buses were all sold off under then mayor Boris Johnson

A fleet of 68 were shipped to Malta, but were taken off the roads after a series of fires on board.

The origin of the one in the video is not known.

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