Katie Price shocks holidaymakers with smutty appearance at Mallorca beach club

TV personality "spoke non-stop about sex and blow jobs" at hotel pool party


She's hardly the shy and retiring type - especially when it comes to sex.

But, despite her reputation for being vulgar, Katie Price still managed to shock holidaymakers during a VIP appearance at a hotel complex in Mallorca, this weekend.

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The 39 year-old took part in a guest spot at the Spanish party island's BH Mallorca Hotel, where she's said to have turned the air blue with sexual innuendo and smutty banter.

Wearing a hot-pink bikini under a semi-sheer white beach top, the Loose Women star - who is promoting her new single - is said to have been flirted shamelessly with male and female guests alike.

According to a report in The Sun, this involved pulling them up on stage and jokingly encouraging them to perform oral sex, while asking the live audience if they would "spit or swallow".

She also poured vodka down people's throats and detailed how her choice of attire was giving her so-called camel toe, which is the unwanted outline of a labia in tight clothing.

Apparently, the tone of the event was so lewd that hotel management are said to have stormed the stage to intervene.

One partygoer told The Sun Online: "Everyone in the crowd said they'd never seen anything like it.

"She was totally wild and spoke non-stop about sex and blow jobs. She was flirting with loads of different men and she fired a Co2 air gun saying she was shooting all the guys she 'thinks are fit'.

"She was completely outrageous – it wasn't Katie Price, it was definitely Jordan. Every other word was f***."

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