Snakes found hiding in family's home - can you spot them?

Baffling photo leaves internet users confused


Can you see the snakes hidden in this house in Australia? A photo posted online of the slithery creatures hiding in the family home in Queensland left Facebook users scratching their heads.

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Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers 24/7 posted the snap on its Facebook page and wrote: "Spot the Snake! Bonus points for species AND how many snakes there are!?"

Users took to the post with their answers. One said "on the floor next to the dining table?" while another wrote: "Is there 3? 1 on the table, 1 next to the TV unit and 1 in the ceiling."

The baffling photo left one social media user commenting: "Three look like carpets while two look like tree snakes? *possibly 6th snake coming from under lounge next to white thingy."

Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers 24/7 eventually put the puzzled users out of their misery and revealed: "The answer is 2 x Brown Tree Snakes in the top left corner of the frame."

After sharing close-up shots of the snakes, one user Robyn sad: "It's a wonder you could find the snakes!!"

Another added: "I did have nightmares based on this - I woke several times, in a cold sweat!"

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