Commuters surprised as woman brings desktop onto train

Did she bring the kitchen sink, too?


Commuters surprised as woman brings desktop onto train

Commuters were left a little surprised after spotting a woman who'd effectively turned her first class train seat into a little office space - by bringing her desktop along for the journey.

David Hill, who's from Middlesborough but now lives in Austin, Texas, was visiting on a work trip when he spotted the unusual sight on a train from Darlington to London St Pancras.

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Speaking to the Telegraph, he said: "It was the Virgin East Coast Darlington - London on Tuesday 14:58 in First Class. I had just been to the vestibule and walked past and saw the full iMac computer on the table.

"I work for a software company, and been travelling on the trains for about 15 years, I have never seen anything like it. The lady had a full wired keyboard and mouse.

"I am still puzzled why someone would carry a desktop computer around, when a laptop would give her the same options, with more portability."

David shared the funny photo on Twitter and wrote: "A lady has brought her iMac onto the train! Has she not heard of a laptop?? wtf!!!"

His photo sparked a number of comments. One user mused: "With a full on old school keyboard! I bet the fellow passengers were pleased when started typing (hammering) away on that too!"

Another laughed: "Seen similar in Starbucks", while another joked: "She also looks like she's brought her duvet, too."

One man, meanwhile, conceded: "It does have a better monitor :-)."

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