Couple fight and rip off clothes in street brawl

Row gets out of hand, astonishing passers-by in Scottish town


A woman was filmed brawling with a bare-chested man in the street before clambering onto the windscreen of a car he attempts to escape in.

The clip shows the couple standing near the passenger door as the man stands near the driver's seat.

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Within seconds the woman pounces on the man and the pair enter into an angry scuffle in the street as passers-by stop in astonishment.

The woman removes her jacket as she lunges towards the man before he attempts to escape her grip in Greenock, Scotland, reports the Daily Record.

Credits: Daily Record

Daily Record

Credits: Daily Record

Daily Record

As she clutches onto his jumper, the man then removes his clothing and runs back to the driver's seat.

He attempts to close the door before the woman catches up and desperately attempts to edge her way in.

As the pair continue to fight, a shopper stops in an attempt to diffuse the situation - before eventually giving up.

The woman, wearing shorts and a yellow top, then clambers onto the car, positioning herself on the windscreen.

Filmed on the corner of a junction in the town centre, the bizarre situation unfolded on Saturday as the traditional Greenock Fair began.

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