Dover named worst place to live in UK

Kent town 'praised' for its "chavley splendor"


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The town of Dover in Kent has been named Britain's least favourite town in a survey of the UK's worst places to live.

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A list published by put the seaside town in the top spot, writing: "Oh, you were expecting a picture of the iconic white cliffs in the sunshine? This is the reality. Thanks to a viral voting campaign on social media, driven by faux outrage in the local rag that it was even on the voting list, Dover just pipped Hull by 16 votes."

Luton took third place on the list of England's terrible towns, followed by Scunthorpe and Rochdale. Gravesend, Oldham and Blackpool also featured in the top ten.

While the article claims that Dover boasts "chavley splendor," residents in the town have hit back at the survey.

Speaking to the Daily Mail, local council worker June House, 48, said: "We're great. We've got the seaside, we've got the castle, we've got the most amazing heritage that you could ever want and it's such a fantastic castle.

"How could you say it's not a great place to live? It is a very pretty town and I think people see all the negatives.

"They see the homeless people who are sleeping by the local shops but it is such a diverse town."

Britain's worst places to live, according to

Britain's worst places to live, according to