Council kills 1,500 rare honey bees believing they were wasps

Anger as Welsh black honey bees killed in Anglesey


Bee on Wild Mustard

Council pest controllers killed more than 1,500 rare native bees in Anglesey after mistaking them for wasps.

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The pest controllers ended up wiping out the Welsh black honey bees after a resident reported them swarming a dustbin.

According to the Daily Post, an investigation has now been launched to determine why proper procedures weren't followed.

Local beekeeper Katie Hayward of Felin Honeybees expressed her outrage that a bee expert was not called.

Speaking to the BBC, she said: "It's such a shame because we have been working hard for two years to highlight why these bees are so important. All that work has been tarnished by this one incident.

"Had the council contacted me it would have taken me two minutes to save the bees."

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