Mum flies to Paris leaving young boys home alone

Single mother went to French capital to plan her wedding to man she met online


Skyline of Paris with Eiffel Tower during sunset (Paris, France)

A mum of two left her young sons alone at home in Bradford while she took a two-day trip to Paris to plan her wedding to a man she met on the internet.

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The boys, aged six and 11, were discovered by police after the six-year-old told his school teacher that his mum was away in France, the BBC reports.

Bradford Crown Court heard how she left a pan of soup for the children and called to check on them.

She was sentenced to six months in jail, suspended for a year after admitting two charges of child neglect.

The single mum, who cannot be named to protect the identities of her sons, flew from Manchester Airport to the French capital.

When the child's school teacher alerted police, the boys were collected from their home and put in social services accommodation, the Telegraph and Argus reports.

The woman was arrested when she returned to the UK.

She told officers that she wanted the boys to stay with a family friend but was "persuaded" by the older son that they would be fine at home.

Her solicitor Tom Rushbrooke said she made a "terrible mistake" and was a caring mother.

The court heard that she still wants her wedding to go ahead and now has passports for both boys to fly with her the next time she travels.