Baby pythons found in Battersea Park

"The park is no place for them and they are probably absolutely terrified to be here"



Three baby pythons have been found in London's Battersea Park in the past fortnight.

Police have advised the public to keep an eye out for more of the non-poisonous snaked in and around the area.

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Wandsworth Council said that one of the three juvenile Royal Pythons was discovered in Chelsea Bridge Road on Thursday.

If scared or threatened, the pythons tend to roll up into a ball and hide. Their normal diet is small rodents.

Parks police officers believe that an owner living nearby abandoned the snakes or eggs in the park.

They are now appealing for people in the area to contact them if they any information as to who may be responsible.

Inspector Stephen Biggs of Wandsworth Parks Police said: "We have found three snakes so far and while they do not pose a threat to humans it's important we establish if there are any more.

"I would also appeal to the owner who may have released them in the park to contact us so that we can make sure these animals are found and properly cared for. The park is no place for them and they are probably absolutely terrified to be here.

"I caught one earlier this week off North Carriage Drive and as I approached it, it simply curled up into a ball at the base of a tree and I was able to pick it up without any problem at all.

"We don't think there is any risk to humans and we don't want anyone to be scared or alarmed, but the sooner we can confirm how many are out there the better."

Anyone with information can call the parks police on 020 8871 7532 or the RSPCA on 0300 123 8018.

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