Woman has plates smashed in her face during restaurant row

She was accused of calling a woman a 'b**ch'


Credits: skoebeen100/Instagram

A female diner got two plates of buffet food hurled into her face after being accused of calling a woman a 'b**ch'.

Video of the altercation begins with a woman saying: "What the f**k did you say?"

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In footage posted to Instagram, she can then be seen grabbing a fellow diner sitting down at a table by the neck.

She hits her before throwing a plate of food at her.

"I did not call you a b**ch," the seated woman calmly says.

"You just said b**ch," the standing woman shouts before appearing to slap her.

The alleged victim attempts to explain herself.

Credits: skoebeen100/Instagram

A woman hurls a bowl of food at another woman for apparently calling her a 'b**ch'

Another woman steps in and asks her: "You scared? You can't say what the f**k you just said?"

The woman sitting down continues to try to explain herself, but one of the women insists: "No, you said b**ch."

As the enraged women move away, one of them turns round and throws another plate of food - which hits the alleged victim in the face before smashing to the ground.

Credits: skoebeen100/Instagram

A woman shouts before reaching over and appearing to grab another woman by the neck

It's unclear if anyone was injured. But no one comes over to break up the bust up before the video ends.

It's also not made clear where the incident, which has over 11,000 views on Instagram, took place.

Instagram user Skobeen1000, who posted the video to the site, said: "So, you just gon act like you aint take two buffet plates and a bowl to the face? Never call a black b**ch if you aint a black b**ch. Slapped her ass like a b**ch."

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