Cyclist continuously dive-bombed by bird of prey

Aidan Williams think the bird is trying to protect its young


A cyclist has been "repeatedly attacked" by a large bird of prey that tries to sink its sharp talons into him when he bikes out near his home.

Aidan Williams says he has been dive-bombed by the predator on a regular basis on a country lane near his home in Sandon, Staffordshire.

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Experts believe the bird – which Mr Williams thinks could be a hawk – is resorting to the aggressive behaviour because it's trying to protect its young.

But bizarrely, the bird only seems to target him and ignores other cyclists, cars and walkers.

Credits: BBC Midlands

The bird specifically targets Aidan and it's not clear why

Credits: BBC Midlands

Experts believe it is protecting its young

Speaking to the BBC, environment correspondent David Gregory-Kumar said: "It's the right time of year for that [protecting young] to happen.

"But singling out one person is stranger behaviour."

He added the creature may actually be a sparrow hawk or a merlin.

The UK has numerous different types of birds of prey.

The largest is the White-tailed eagle, which are on the red list for endangered species and found in northern Scotland.

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