Brits escape forest fire by jumping in pool

At least 64 people have died in the Portuguese fires


Credits: Reuters

A group of Brits were saved from the Portugal forest fire by a quick-thinking man who ushered them into his swimming pool as blaze closed in.

At least 64 people have died in the country's worst wildfire in which questions have been asked about the response of the emergency services.

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Prime Minister Antonio Costa has called the fire the biggest human tragedy in Portugal in living memory.

A Portuguese man has been praised for saving the lives of Brits fleeing the inferno.

Credits: Reuters

Carloyn Morton reveals how her life was saved as the fire raged around them

Credits: Reuters

The country has been coming to terms with the devastation caused by the fire

Carloyn Morton, who has lived in Portugal for five years, admitted she and her friends were "really lucky" to have escaped the blaze.

She said: "I think it was so vast and the speed with which it was unreal.

"We went towards the village of Carvais to see if we could get out.

"There was no way out we ended up in a little hamlet with a very nice Portuguese guy who said, 'There are a few people standing on the road. Stay here I have a swimming pool and we can be saved because I have water.

Credits: Reuters

Ben and Ruth Thompson – friends of Carloyn Morton – called the fire "terrifying"

"The fire was all around us, there was no exit and we were saved by one 'bombeiros' (firefighters) truck which managed to put the fire out around us."

Carloyn's pals Ruth and Ben Thompson, from Newcastle, who were visiting the country on holiday called the devastation "terrifying".

They also confirmed funeral to bury the dead had begun in the country.

Ruth, 33, said: "It's a complete tragedy, especially in the area.

"All the funerals have started now and all the families of people are going.

"It's just a huge amount of people that have been going and huge amount of people that have been lost. It's a tragedy."

Around a dozen people – including a 95-year-old woman – spent more than six hours in the tank after they were unable to get away from the fire.

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