Unsuspecting tourists in Bali being served dog meat

People are being promised chicken satay but getting something very different


Please be aware that the following discusses the dog meat trade and may disturb some readers.

The organization Animals Australia has reportedly discovered that some street vendors in Bali are promising tourists chicken satay but giving them dog meat.

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The investigation, which was first made public by the Australian Broadcasting Company (ABC) also revealed the truly inhumane treatment of the dogs.

People magazine also reported on the matter, saying: "An investigator witnessed dogs who were muzzled, bound by the legs with tape and stuff into bamboo cages where they laid their own waste.

"A dog catcher who admitted to catching 12 dogs per week because he cannot find another job at age 83, bludgeons the animals to death with a metal pole."

The New York Post added that some of the skewers that contain dog meat may also contain traces of the cyanide that is used to poison the animals.

You can learn more about Animals Australia's campaign and how you can help here: animalsaustralia.org.

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