Where you're likely to have a holiday nightmare this summer

Europe's holiday mishap hotspots revealed


Medical: Unlucky break

Spain is the holiday destination where British tourists are most likely to fall ill or have their passport or money stolen, according to new research.

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As Brits prepare to jet off on their summer getaways, the new study from comparethemarket.com reveals that almost a quarter of trips to Spain end up in some kind of holiday mishap, while France is the European 'car crash capital' and the most activity-based accidents befall Brits in Austria.

Lost items, sickness, cancelled or delayed flights and accidents or injuries are the most common experiences that can turn your dream getaway into holiday hell, with the most mishaps taking place on mainland Spain (24 per cent of visits), the Canary Islands (20 per cent of visits) and Greece (17 per cent).

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The research found that almost half (48 per cent) of Brits avoid eating certain foods while abroad to avoid food poisoning. Despite this, one in 20 trips involves an illness of some kind, with Spain, Greece and the Canary Islands the countries where people are most likely to be struck down in Europe.

Some holidaymakers experience mishaps before they've even arrived at their destination thanks to delayed and cancelled flights. Russia emerged as the place to avoid if you're looking for a smooth travel experience, as the poll showed the country topped the flight issues list. It is also the place you're most likely to lose your luggage. For cancellations, Spain came out on top.

Meanwhile, the countries with the highest proportion of accidents were tied across France, Austria and Spain. Natural disasters were most reported in Iceland, car accidents in France and activity-based accidents in Austria.

Take a look at the holiday mishaps map to locate the hazard capitals of Europe.

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