Woman filmed shaving her facial hair on train

Not really what you need to see on your journey to work...


Time-poor people can do strange things on public transport.

We've all seen women putting their make-up on, concentrating to get the lipstick right as the train bumps along the tracks and makes their job difficult.

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But now bizarre footage has emerged of a woman shaving her beard on a train.

The video begins with the woman holding a razor and shaving her moustache area.

She then continues to trim her cheeks as her performance continues.

The woman was very casual and relaxed shaving her beard

The woman focuses on her cheeks

Rounding out her effort, she also shaves her neck.

The video has caused a sensation and split views online.

It is unknown where the clip was filmed.

One viewer said: "Gillette the best your mum can get!"

Another added: "She got to sleep in an extra 10 minutes and still look sharp for work.

"Maximizing her time!"

But another was unimpressed.

"C'mon!" they said.

"Of all the crazy things you see on/in a train, this wouldn't even make top ten."

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