Flight grounded after passengers spot massive fuel leak

A United Airlines flight from Newark International Airport was grounded after a passenger spotted a fuel leak as the plane sat on the tarmac.

Twitter user RachelEPas said she and her husband were on their way to Venice for their honeymoon when she looked out the window and saw the fuel leak.

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She said no one was reacting, so her husband ran to the back to inform flight attendants of the problem.

The flight attendants, though, yelled to him to sit back down.

Once he had, she said, the flight attendant ran to the cockpit before the engines turned off.

"We were thanked by the crew, and they told us next time to scream 'emergency', but that's about it," she said.

She also said the pilots asked passengers to 'be nice on social media'.

United representatives told NJ.com the passengers were put in hotels.

But RachelEPas said that wasn't true.

Some passengers were given hotel vouchers, but many, including her and her husband, were not given anything more than a food voucher.

Many people from the flight were sleeping on the floor in baggage claim, she said.

She also said other passengers thanked her for spotting the fuel leak and doing something about it, pointing to at least one Twitter message she received.