On the beach! World's best airport lounge to open in Barbados

You'll never want to leave the Departure Beach from Virgin Holidays


Virgin Holidays airport lounge beach

The world's first airport lounge on a beach is set to open in Barbados in May 2018, making your departure from your holiday island a more enjoyable experience.

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Virgin Holidays' The Departure Beach, located on the pristine Brownes Beach on the Caribbean island, will feature a private air-conditioned lounge, premium bathroom and showering facilities, a beach-friendly bar and restaurant and Virgin Atlantic check-in.

The Departure Beach

While the thought of hanging around the airport on departure day usually leaves travellers with dread, the revolutionary holiday experience will give you one last treat before you set off for home.

It will be particularly wonderful for travellers who need to check out of their hotels at midday and can head straight to the airport lounge beach, especially as many flights don't return until late in the evening leading to a 'lost day' of holiday.

The Departure Beach, Barbados

For travellers who wish to use the beautiful beach, they can simply add it to their booking so that they can check in and chill out on the day. There'll be a free lunch, complimentary beach towels and plastic bags for wet swimsuits. Lounge guests will also have access to WiFi and a kids gaming area.

The Departure Beach will only be available for Virgin Holidays customers, with entry complimentary for guests staying at Savannah Beach in Barbados or those on a cruise that terminates in Barbados. Other customers can add The Departure Beach to their booking for an opening promotional price of £20 per adult and £15 per child.

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