Passenger sues Delta after 'being pricked by needle in seat pocket'

Man claims he was forced to have HIV tests


Delta Air Lines Airbus A330-300 airplane

Delta Air Lines is being sued by a passenger who says he was stabbed by a needle that was left in a seat pocket on a flight from Los Angeles to Atlanta.

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Gabriel Ybarra claims he was forced to have a series of HIV tests after being pricked with the needle.

In documents obtained by TMZ, he said he was flying with the airline in 2015 when he reached into the seat pocket for his wallet and was stabbed.

He said he had to pull the needle out of his right middle finger and that it started "bleeding profusely".

He allegedly had to have a number of tests and take powerful medication.

Mr Ybarra said he was unable to "perform his duties as a husband to his wife for months".

Last week, a Delta Air Lines passenger was bitten repeatedly in the face by a dog that was allowed on the plane to provide emotional support to another passenger.

Marlin Termaine Jackson was sat next to U.S. Marine veteran Ronald Mundy and his dog on the flight from Atlanta to San Diego on Sunday when he was attacked.

Speaking to 10 News, witness Bridget Maddox-Peoples said: "There was a call for help. You could hear a dog growling and a bark, and someone screamed, 'I need help, there's a medical emergency.'"

Disgusting things you didn't know about flying

Disgusting things you didn't know about flying