Spectator busy with iPad attacked by bull in Portugal

Man tossed into the air by the animal on the island of Terceira


The moment a spectator was tossed into the air and thrown to the ground by a bull was caught on camera on the Portuguese island of Terceira.

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Filmed during a tourada à corda, a type of bullfighting traditional to the Azores Islands where the bull is controlled by a rope around its neck, the animal attack saw the man casually filming the event on his tablet before the bull charged at him.

He is thrown into the air and lands on the ground, where the bull drives its horns into the man's head and chest.

Another spectator then diverts the bull's attention before helping the injured man.

It is not known how seriously he was injured.

The video was uploaded last week by user Gabriel Alves Vieira during the event, which sees the bull teased and taunted by six players, while led along a road. The bull's horns are usually capped with leather and the animal is not killed.

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