Hedgehog 'like beach ball' diagnosed with balloon syndrome

The animal was rescued in Doncaster


Hedgehog with balloon syndrome

A hedgehog which blew up twice its size "like a beach ball" was rescued in Doncaster.

The animal was spotted wandering around in circles by a member of the public.

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According to the BBC, the RSPCA said the hedgehog was suffering from a rare condition, balloon syndrome, when gas collects under the skin.

RSPCA inspector Sandra Dransfield said: "It's the worst case of balloon syndrome I've seen.

"This poor chap was almost twice its natural size, literally blown up like a beach ball with incredibly taut skin.

"I took the stricken animal straight to Peak Vets in Sheffield, where he was X-rayed and they released some of the air from under his skin."

The hedgehog has been given antibiotics and pain relief.

According to the British Hedgehog Preservation Society, there is no single cause for this condition.

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