The unlikeliest travel hacks you need in your life

Brilliant holiday tricks for smart travelling


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Holiday season is upon us and with planning in full swing, you'll want to know the best travel hacks to help you save time, money and stress.

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With the help of M&S Bank, we're bringing you eight brilliant holiday hacks you've probably never thought of. From packing talcum powder when you go to the beach, to a genius use for old sun lotion bottles, these amazing hacks will help ensure you're one step ahead on your next holiday...

1. When packing, place your muddy or sandy shoes in a shower cap to keep the clothes in your case clean

2. Take a bottle of talcum powder to the beach for a simple and easy way to remove sand from damp skin

3. Put the shoes you plan to travel home wearing in the safe along with your passport - that way you'll never forget your valuables

4. Use old sun lotion bottles as a place to keep valuable items hidden and out of sight of thieves

5. Place a piece of cling film over the opening of your toiletries to provide an extra seal and keep your luggage safe from any leaks

6. Bottles that filter your water won't just save you money but can protect from an upset stomach, so don't forget to pack one

7. If you're flying with a buggy or child's car seat, get a travel bag for them and use the extra space in the bag to store light but bulky items, like coats, that you'll otherwise have to carry on board or cram in your suitcase

8. Put washing powder in a sock and tie it in a knot to pop in your suitcase. This keeps clothes smelling fresh and can be useful for hand washing

Have you used any of these holiday hacks before? Leave a comment and tell us your own top tips for travelling below.

The unlikeliest travel hacks you need in your life

The unlikeliest travel hacks you need in your life