This personal mini-helicopter is built for air and road travel

GyroDrive is a car-helicopter that is very cool indeed


While the world dreams of flying cars, this Czech pilot is trying a different approach.

Meet "GyroDrive", a personal mini helicopter, and what the creator says is the world's first vehicle authorized for both the air and on the roads.

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The car-helicopter hybrid is made by Czechlosvakian Pavel Brezina, owner of Nirvana Systems and pilot of 30 years.

GyroDrive is based on technology from other small helicopters.

One large propellor blade keeps it in the air, while a smaller one in the back nudges it forward.

This machine can seat two people, and reach 25 miles per hour on the road. In the air, however, its a different story.

GyroDrive can fly for over 300 miles and hit blinding speeds of over 110 miles per hour.

You can get your hands on this personal aircraft for only about $60,000 (£47,000) Due to the costs and necessary training, Brezina does not expect GyroDrive to replace the car anytime soon.

But he's hopeful that rideshare services could soon make them available to many more people.

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