Ryanair passenger barred for making check-in attendant cry

Angry man barred from flight after request to pay check-in fee


Ryanair passenger makes check-in attendant cry

A Ryanair passenger was barred from a flight after his tirade made a check-in worker cry.

The man became furious when he was told he had to pay a fine for not printing out his boarding pass for the flight from Brussels to Berlin.

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Footage of the scene shows the man launch into a rant at the lady.

He says: "Call security, I'm a customer, lady. I'm asking your supervisor's name so I can speak with your supervisor because I'm unhappy with the way you're performing your job.

"Ryanair check-in lady ... Being a complete, total — what are you being? What are you being right now?

"You tell me I have to pay 50 euros for a flight I'm already checked in on."

The woman smiles and he continues: "Is there something funny here? What's the joke? Is it your attitude? That's the only thing that's funny here, and it stinks.

"You have a bad attitude. You have no business working here and dealing with customers."

However, things go from bad to worse when a kindly fellow traveller steps in to help, telling the man to stop harassing the staff member.

He responds: "Mind your own business baldy. Go sit down old man.

"Tell her to let me on the flight. She's supposed to print my boarding pass, she works here."

He then adds: "And lose some weight, get on the treadmill. You out of shape, doughnut-eating bald piece of crap. Who the hell are you? Go sit down fatso.

"You're nothing man, you're nothing."

The attendant then starts to cry and the man blasts: "Oh, are you having an emotional breakdown?"

He claimed later that he was a victim of "mob tendencies by Europeans against dark skinned foreigners".

However, a sales manager on the scene named Philipp said racism did not play a part in the incident.

Speaking to the Daily Mail, a spokesman for Aviapartner, which manages the check-in at Brussels airport, said: "A passenger who had failed to check-in on-line (as required) became disruptive during the boarding of this flight from Brussels to Berlin and refused to pay the Airport Check-in Fee due, distracting the gate agent from her duties and disturbing other passengers.

According to news.com.au, a Ryanair spokesman said: "Our handling agent at Brussels Airport, Aviapartner, is looking into this matter. We will not tolerate unruly or disruptive behaviour at any time."

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