Woman drives for 16 miles at 40mph without a front tyre

The noise was 'excruciating' - but she didn't notice


Driver doesn't notice she has no tyre for 16 miles

This is the moment an 'oblivious old woman driver' was veering about roundabouts at speeds of 'up to 40mph' – with a wheel with no tyre.

The metal hub was reportedly making an excruciating noise as the woman in her 60s ground her Silver Ford Fiesta round a roundabout and down a busy A-road for 'at least 16 miles'.

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Yacine Chikh was driving home from work with his boss David when he spotted the 'nuts' woman's wheel raking up the A59 on the way to Knaresborough, North Yorks.

Store manager Yacine said: "The noise was just crazy. It was nuts. We thought it was both funny and sad. She could have injured somebody.

"You can drive with a flat tyre until it has completely evaporated but I would say that she shouldn't be on the road at all."

'If I was her I would just say pull over and put the hazard lights on and wait for the emergency services like any normal person would do.

"She didn't even have her hazard lights on."

He added: "We wanted to help her and try to stop her. We beeped the horn several times and flashed our head lights 20 times but we got no reaction from her.

"She had three or four near misses.

"There were more than three or four cars in front of us. We were going slow and cars were over taking her.

"I don't know how she managed not to crash, she wouldn't have been able to stop.

"It was lucky there were no kids about. She's a real danger. Even if she was deaf, she would have seen us flashing the lights and the vibrations of the car.

"She probably didn't have break down cover. She was completely endangering other road users."

North Yorkshire Police confirmed the incident was reported to them.

A North Yorkshire Police spokesman said: "Police received a call from a member of the public shortly before 5pm on Monday June 5, reporting that an elderly woman was driving a grey Ford Fiesta with a tyre missing on one of the wheels.

"The car was being driven along at the A64 Eastbound approaching Bilbrough services.

"The VRM (vehicle registration mark) was not obtained and officers, despite concerted efforts, were not able to locate the vehicle."

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