Traffic wardens swoop on cars trapped at London Bridge after terror attack

Parking tickets issued in terror attack cordon just minutes after police lift it


Incident at London Bridge

Cars left trapped inside a police cordon set up after the London Bridge terror attack have been hit with huge parking fines.

At least six cars in the cordon were slapped fines of up to £130 this morning as officers partially lifted the no-go zone.

Three new arrests made in London Bridge terror attack probe

Scores of vehicles were left abandoned along Borough High Street as three terrorists went on a rampage through the area.

Incident at London Bridge

Just hours after the cordon was lifted, at around 1.30am on Wednesday, traffic wardens slapped fines on the cars.

Credits: Daily Mirror

The fines were handed out just minutes after the cordon was lifted/ Daily Mirror

Credits: Daily Mirror

Six cars are believed to have been issued with £130 fines


One man says he was issued a fine within just 15 minutes

Antoni Perry, who works in London Bridge, had parked his Honda Civic near the scene while he was at work - but was unable to pick it up after the attack.

He had already been given a fine by 8.25am - just 15 minutes after police told him the cordon had been lifted.

In a Facebook post he wrote: "8.00am in Essex I get an email from Met Police saying I can retrieve my car from cordoned off zone... 8.05am parking nazis swoop... London Bridge is back to business as usual!!!"

Wife of London Bridge terrorist asked Facebook group for advice on keeping her immigrant husband in Britain

Credits: Daily Mirror

The cordon is being lifted around London Bridge and Borough Market today/ Daily Mirror

Credits: Daily Mirror

TfL have apologised for the fines and said they will be written off

Credits: Daily Mirror

Drivers were unable to pick up their vehicles while the cordon was in place

The graphic designer told the Sun : "I just couldn't believe it when I saw the parking ticket.

"I'd only left it there because I was at work on Saturday night."

A white Audi A3 sat outside the Slug & Lettuce - which still hadn't reopened yesterday afternoon - was also slapped with a fine, while a blue Ford Fiesta and blue Audi A3 parked outside Holland & Barrett were also pictured with parking tickets.

The manager of Italian restaurant Giuseppe's on the street also saw his boss's car almost get fined before he swooped in to stop the warden.

Massimo Ricciardi, 47, said: "The mind of some people, they are not compassionate."

A TfL spokesman said: "We unreservedly apologise for our insensitive mistake.

"These fines should never have been issued and will all be immediately cancelled."

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