Bikini-clad woman on ski slope almost killed by parachute skier

The woman was filming the slope at a ski and snowboard event


Credits: Eddie Hayes/Youtube

A woman in a bikini was almost killed after a parachute skier flew in and missed her head by a few inches.

The woman, wearing a bikini, ski boots and a baseball cap, is seen filming the slope at a ski and snowboard event at Mt Baker in Washington state.

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But while other onlookers ducked out of the way as the parachute skiers flew in, the woman does not appear to notice them until the last minute.

One of the paraskiers glides past safely but a second misses the woman in the bikini by only a few inches - clipping her baseball cap with one of his skis as he comes into land.

The footage, captured on May 21, shows bystanders cheering and whooping with relief after realising the woman was unhurt.

Credits: Eddie Hayes/Youtube

She appears to have been trying to film competitors on the mountain slope

Credits: Eddie Hayes/Youtube

The group are said to have wandered into the area accidentally

It is thought that the group believed they were in a safe place away from paraskiers when entered the area on the mountain.

The video comes after a British skier was killed when he crashed into another man during a high-speed collision in the French Alps in March this year.

It also follows a Venezuelan skier who was dubbed the 'world's worst skier' after entering a competition but failing to be able to stand up at the start line.

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