Poachers kill two lions that were freed from circuses

Last year two lions named Liso and Jose were among more than 30 that were freed from South American circuses and flown to a wildlife refuge in South Africa.

Sadly The Emoya Big Cat Sanctuary recently announced that both of the lions have lost their lives to poachers.

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Last week the killers somehow made it past the armed guards that patrol the site's perimeter around the clock.

When the two lions were found, their heads, tails, paws and skin were missing.

Authorities have not publicly discussed what the motive may have been but others have suggested that the slaughter may have been linked to growing Asian black market for lion teeth, claws and even bones.

A police investigation into the deaths of the Emoya lions is ongoing and Animal Defenders International, which was instrumental in re-homing the lions, is considering offering a reward for information leading to the perpetrators capture.