Grass-skirt wearing stag party lift car blocking the road

The mates become traffic heroes in Devon


Credits: Plymouth Herald /

A stag party, dressed in Hawaiian shirts and grass skirts, became unlikely heroes after they spotted a car blocking the road and decided to step in.

Despite their skimpy outfits they went on to lift the car out of the way and allowed a long queue of traffic to file through.

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The group of drinkers, which included several muscle-clad rugby players, spotted the vehicle causing delays in Plymouth, Devon, on Saturday afternoon.

Rugby player Oli Raynor, 27, who was celebrating his up-coming nuptials at the time, said it was the least they could do.

He said: "The car was stuck in the middle of the road and the best thing to do was for us to lift it and move it out of the way as it was blocking the road.

Credits: Plymouth Herald /

Credits: Plymouth Herald /

There was no stopping this stag group - despite their outfits

Credits: Plymouth Herald /

Crowds cheer as they manage to move the car

"The bus was stuck as well and it was causing a lot of traffic so it was the least we could do."

The sight of about 12 men dressed in grass skirts and leis drew quite a crowd with about 100 people cheering them on.

Oli, who used to play for Plymouth Albion and currently stars for Old Redcliffians RFC in Bristol, said he and his friends moved the van about 10cm on to the kerb in order to allow the bus to pass.

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