Scary! Bear interrupts a game of golf

Not what you want in the middle of an important tournament...


While playing a game of golf in Anchorage, Alaska, Gary Cox captured the moment a black bear approached him.

It looked like it might even hold the flag for him while he shot for the cup.

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Cox and his friend were playing golf at Moose Run Creek Course when the black bear approached them.

The bear can be seen attempting to take a flag and inspecting the golf caddies.

The pair made some menacing noises in order to scare the bear away, though the creature turned out to be more curious than afraid.

Cox told Storyful that the bear "crossed behind us in a dead run, then followed us up along the tree line.

"The bear was never even bothered by us and followed us 100 yards to the next hole."

Moose Creek course is on the grounds of joint US Army and Air Force bases Elmendorf and Fort Richardson.

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