Flight attendant's safety routine drowned out by rowdy football fans

She got there in the end!


This is the hilarious moment an embarrassed air hostess struggles through her safety routine - as she's cheered by football fans on a flight to Cardiff.

Hundreds of Paris Saint-Germain fans packed onto the plane from Paris to Wales for the Champion's League women's final on Friday.

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The low-key event happens before the men's final - but supporters showed there was no lack of passion as they chanted PSG football songs on the plane.

The hapless air stewardess tries to give directions to the emergency exits but can't contain her laughter.

She holds an air mask and puts on a life jacket but the safety demonstration is drowned out by the sound of jeering fans frantically waving their scarves.

Superfan Raphael Paname who recorded the clip said: "This was the PSG Ultras going to Cardiff for the women's final.

"The air hostess was giving safety instructions.

"The atmosphere on the plane was amazing. A lot of people see it and think it is for today's Champion's League final with Real Madrid and Juventus. But no, it is for the women's team."

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