Drunken woman tied to seat on Malaysia Airlines flight

Passenger tied up after drunken outburst on Heathrow-bound plane


Malaysia airline airplane landing at Phuket airport

A drunken passenger who called a flight attendant "a Malaysian pig" was tied to her seat with cable ties and duct tape.

Maxine Williams, 57, has been drinking for ten hours on the Malaysia Airlines flight to Heathrow.

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A court heard how she yelled at stewardess Teoh Lee: "I hate your f***ing country".

The Sun reports that the captain was forced to declare a security alert and Williams' hands were tied to her back.

According to the newspaper, her legs were also tied when she kicked the flight attendant.

During her outburst, Williams, from London, kicked a meal trolley after demanding alcohol.

The Daily Mail reports that Miss Lee fought back tears as she told the court of the abuse.

"She used a lot of 'f***' words. She said: 'Give me a f****** coke', 'I want more f****** alcohol," she said.

"She couldn't stand up properly and kept leaning to the side. She kicked my meal cart, the water on the cart spilled onto the passenger.

"I told her don't kick the cart so she started swearing. She said: 'You Malaysian pig, I f****** hate your country, you f****** idiot'."

Police met the flight when it landed and Williams denied lashing out.

She will be sentenced at a later date.

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