Tourists blasted for throwing glove at Queen's Guard

Woman throws glove to see if guard will get it for her


Tourists blasted for throwing glove at Queen's Guard

A tourist was shamed after throwing her glove at a Queen's Guard to see if he would retrieve it for her.

The girl is seen throwing her glove over the barrier in London, and it lands at the guard's feet.

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She then appears to just stand there waiting to see what he will do. The Queen's Guard are known for their large black furry hats, and are soldiers station outside royal residences such as Buckingham Palace, Windsor Castle and the Tower of London, the latter being the setting of this scene.

After what the onlooker filming the scene describes as a "stand-off" between the girl and the guard, a Beefeater who saw the incident comes over to reprimand her for her disrespectful behaviour.

He said: "Did you just throw your glove over? Why did you do that? The Army's here to protect the crown jewels, he is not here for the public to make fun of.

"He's a soldier, he serves his country, he deserves to be treated with a little respect."

He added: "Throwing your gloves at him isn't going to work is it really?", before stepping over the barrier and returning the woman's glove.

The woman is then seen wandering off with her tail between her legs. A number of users praised the Beefeater for his firm but polite stance, and slammed the tourist for her behaviour.

The guard does not react to the woman at all, and only moves when he stands to attention.

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